Are Democrats going to dump Biden?

Please comment: Marty, I remember your computer projecting that the president would not finish this term. You said you didn’t see Trump run for a second term and I think you said you didn’t think Trump would win. Tucker is now clearly saying that Democrats want to dump Biden even for the medium term. Since you warned that if Trump is elected he will not end, my question is does this still apply to Biden? Do you have any updates on this political uncertainty?

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Answer: In October 2020, Democrats were introducing a constitutional amendment to create a body that would recommend the removal of a president due to his inability to fill office. Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that she has nothing to do with President Trump. Indeed, an amendment to the constitution requires state approval. There is no way to pass it in a short order to influence Trump. However, the election schedule was fixed earlier. Even after the CIA election, Kennedy asked Trump to suspend the release of documents because he knew he would not be allowed to win.

There was a law in this regard Mental capacity A president who would obviously influence the next president, whom they expected to be Biden. This is another sign that they actually knew there was a problem with Biden that they feared could get worse. But the leader among the Democrats was clearly Barney Sanders, and he said big money behind the Democrats. By no means. Where none of the Democrats wanted to convince Biden their donors and convince them that they could control the White House, they turned around and said to Biden – “Tag, you do it!” They needed Biden to stop Barney and to appease Soros and Shoaib.

It stands now, under 25th AmendmentA president can be removed from office if a The majority Cabinet members and Vice President Think of him as incompetent. Article four of the 25th Amendment It also states that if a majority of an organization established by law, including the vice president, declares in writing that the president is incompetent and unable to perform his duties, the vice president immediately becomes acting president.

I don’t believe they would do such a thing, because then VP Harris was president and No one Like him at all. They need to appoint a powerful VP who can serve as president but keep Soros and Shoaib happy. Soros in the back Democrat funding To oppose this য়ের 3.5 trillion spending program as well as the Treasury Secretary’s opposition to pushing groups on this agenda. As a businessman, he knows full well that it will hurt the US dollar and the US economy. The purpose here seems to be to weaken the United States so that it can surrender to the United Nations-led Soros Open Society. Soros is anti-democracy, because we are the most foolish to know which is the best. He also puts his sideshow in Davos and probably pays party benefits or door prices instead of bribes.

Although many pray for Soros’ death, unfortunately, he is training his son Alexander Soros to shake all political hands behind the scenes. George Soros set his son on his own philanthropy, and Alex is now a major donor to the Democrats, giving him access and influence. Alexander Soros Deputy Chair of the Open Society Foundation. He sits on the boards of Bird College, Bend the Ark Jewish Action, and Central European University. Although George Soros did not come to appear with the Democrats, he did send his son. Alexander met with VP Pick, Harris, as he was in the process of being selected and his father was informed and approved.

Make no mistake about it; If Alexander Soros was on the phone, they would pick it up. He is considered as leftist as his father. He was born in 1985, yet has his own foundation with his father’s money. So anyone who wants to know why the Democrats have moved so far to the left, just look at Soros, who wants to end the United States in order to hand over all power to the UN in an open society. That’s why Democrats are allowing at least 400,000 people to flood the country to vote for Democrats. Rumor has it that before the 2022 election, Biden will sign an executive order granting all illegal citizenship so they can vote.

Democrats have been bought and paid for, and it has been alleged that they receive secret benefits from the Quantum Fund.

Article 4

Whenever the vice president and most of the executive branch or chief executive of other bodies, such as Congress, are provided for by law, the Senate sends a written declaration to supporters of the President and to the Speaker of the House of Representatives that the President is incapable of discharging his office. Take over the powers and responsibilities of the office.

Thereafter, when the President sends his written declaration to the Acting President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives that no disability exists, he shall resume the powers and responsibilities of his office unless the Vice President and the chief executive of any one executive body By law, they can send a written declaration to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives within four days that the President is unable to step down. And the responsibilities of his office. The Congress will then decide on the matter, if not in session, and will convene within forty-eight hours for that purpose. If Congress, within twenty-one days of receipt of the next written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days of Congress convening, a two-thirds vote in both chambers determines that the President is incapable of discharging his office. Continue to fulfill responsibilities; Otherwise, the President will resume the powers and responsibilities of his office.

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