Are you a woman who can’t work from home during an epidemic? We want to hear

When people talk about changes in work and office culture brought on by the epidemic – be it back office, work from home or a combination of distant and personal work – they often overlook a very important group: those who were never able to work from home in the first place. To do.

There are many reasons why some people across the epidemic report to private employment and we are interested in talking to people – especially women – who are unable to work from home for at least some or all of the epidemics. We want to talk to you if you have a job that requires personal interaction, such as food service, retail or healthcare, or if you have a job that could be done remotely but for whatever reason you were unable to do so.

We want to know how you managed it, how it affected your work and home life, why you were not able to work from home and how it changed your relationship with work. We also want to know if not being able to work from home has made a difference in your decision to continue working, leave work or find a new job.

If you want to tell us your story, fill out the form below. No personal details will be shared without your permission.

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