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The truth behind the war with Russia

The conspiracy behind Ukraine is much deeper than anyone willing to speak out. Yanukovych was corrupt and his sons were acting like security rackets. Yanukovych was keen to join the EU but there was a clause in the agreement that kept Ukraine in NATO through the back door. Ukraine must abide by all NATO rules and regulations without being formally admitted. Worse, Ukraine had to trade exclusively with the European Union when Russia was its main trading partner and its energy came from Russia. This is why Yanukovych backed down and this is the beginning of the whole uprising. To calm the protesters, Yanukovych agreed to hold elections within nine months. It was here that the American neocons worked hard to see the coup as an opportunity, and they wanted to install their own people. That's all there is to Victoria Nuland's leaked phone call.

Zelensky was elected with overwhelming support for peace, which was right The opposite The purpose of the American neocon. Ukrainian nationalists (Nazis) threatened to kill Zelensky if he pushed for peace with Russia. Zelensky made a political flip-flop and surrendered to the Nazi movement. Reliable sources insist that the Nazis threatened to kill Zelensky in order to prevent peace with Russia.

Don’t forget McCain and Leslie Graham even addressed the Ukrainian Nazis that Trump promised to support them in December 2016 after he was elected, but before he was sworn in. The neoconservatives were working hard to ensure that there was no peace with Russia.

The whole of Russiagate has been disrespected but we have to understand the reality of international relations. Hillary, who befriended a neon and John McCain who handed over fraudulent steel dossiers to James Comey at the FBI, blackmailed Yeltsin and intervened in 2000 to facilitate the failed transfer of Russia by bankers. The election that brought Putin to power. Some believe that Hillary made the whole theory that Trump is Putin's puppet. The neocons even made up the story that Putin was a former KGB and that this meant he wanted to revive the old Soviet Union, which was a lie.

With the seriousness of this activity, we are now moving towards a war against fake news. Obama refused to provide military assistance to Ukraine and the whole Russiagate had to box Trump who then advised Ukraine to provide military weapons to prove that he was not Putin's puppet. The neoconservatives were trying to push Trump into conflict in front of their eyes.

Can you imagine Kennedy rejecting their advice and what he did with the neoconservatives? Cuban Missile Crisis This has led to a major shift in US-Russian relations. It forced both of them to realize that they needed each other and that conflict was not the answer. It probably cost Kennedy his life. I believe the Neocons killed him and Oswald was hinted that he was somehow connected to Russia. The CIA refused to release the files, citing the fact that the Neocons had ousted Kennedy.

By creating Russiagate, the main purpose was to prevent Trump from working on a peace deal with Russia. Can you imagine if the Cuban Missile Crisis had occurred during the Trump administration, the neocons would have lived up to their glory by warning Trump that any peace deal would ensure that he was just Putin's puppet. It will guarantee war - not peace.

Reliable sources further claimed that the phone conversation between Trump and Zelensky was a transcript of the impeachment. No. Complete conversation. Trump assumed that Zelensky was serious about peace and supported that decision. But it could be seen as a puppet of Trump to Trump. This scenario was vital to the peace process and was eventually shattered for the war that has now clouded the horizon.

The Satanic Trump has started to be Resistance World peace and depriving Trump of any power to reach a peace agreement with Russia. Putin did No. He wanted to re-establish the old Soviet Union, but instead, he saw the rise of China economically and sought to bring Russia into the world as an economic player. He wanted to be remembered as the leader who brought Russia to its economic significance.

To move the world on a new political agenda, Trump and Putin had to change their image, leaving behind two leaders who wanted to make their respective nations great again. So far, they have met their goals through strategic maneuvering and manipulation.

ওয়া USA Watchdog Armstrong April 12, 2022

Environmental Terrorism | Armstrong Economics

Awakened domestic terrorist groups are allowed to operate freely on Twitter and other social media platforms, even when they call for violence. Adbusters, a self-proclaimed "activist writer, artist, designer, hacker, tactical poet, philosopher, and global network of punks," has requested that "workers" begin targeting SUV owners under the "Tire Extinguisher" movement. These idiots call it a "deflating movement" and justify their actions by saying that they "Protecting ourselves against climate changeAir pollution and unsafe drivers. "

Fortunately, the party plans to leave clear evidence of their guilt at the scene. These terrorists are urging the people to start targeting rich areas before disrupting the working class. Their website advises not to target vehicles with disabled stickers.

Fox business Reached out on Twitter to find out why these shameless calls for vandalism and crime are allowed At the time of writing, the organization's page is still online and it hosts 65.1K followers They have provided copies of their leaflets in various languages ​​and hope that this "scattered movement" will begin worldwide.

Their website provides a video on how to delay tires and act effectively as a criminal. They are urging the people to repeat the endless crime. Hybrid SUVs are also "fair game". Most of the people I see driving SUVs have kids. These domestic terrorists are going to kill innocent people because they are afraid of big bad cars. Law enforcement should start cracking down on this tragic movement before we see a string of preventable crashes in the news. At the moment, crime is allowed as long as it remains within the state of the leftist agenda.

"The supply chain crisis will only get worse

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index has hit a new high

Home prices rose 19.2% in January S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index. It is extremely difficult for millennials and Gen Z to enter the housing market, as home prices are 75% higher today than in 1987 - and this is exactly when the index first started tracking prices. The organization addresses the challenges young people face:

“While the re-acceleration of home price gains may be concerning and likely discouraging for first-time and younger buyers, it is nevertheless unsurprising considering the dire inventory of for-sale homes, which continues to decline and continually record new lows. Additionally, with mortgage rates jumping to three-year highs, existing homeowners now have little incentive to sell and buy a new, more expensive home with a higher mortgage rate. As a result, homebuyers that remain in the market are once again faced with a very competitive buying environment.”

The epidemic, combined with extremely low rates, fueled this purchase frenzy. Collectively, home prices in the United States have risen 31% since March 2020. Although rates have risen over the past week and mortgages have hit about 5%, there is no indication that demand has declined significantly. The remote working age has allowed New York-level wage earners to move to areas with lower tax rates and lower crime rates. It has become a new form of politeness in the Corona era.

Home prices are rising everywhere as supply cannot meet demand. Some areas exceeded 19.2% growth. The 10-city combination is 33% higher than the peak period in 2006, and the 20-city combination is up a staggering 40%. America is looking at the housing crisis if inflation does not subside and a generation is more likely to become dependent on rent and delay households.

ভ Rent in NYC exceeds pre-COVID level

Elon Musk could take over Twitter

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«Google has been found guilty of violating EU anti-trust laws

The media acknowledges that it is their “job” to control what people think.

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«Infowars Interview Martin Armstrong

Delta doesn’t owe me any more legroom

I have traveled so much in the last few months that I am recognized at the Delta check-in counter at Birmingham Airport. This trip has given me ample time to think about what airlines owe their customers. When airlines periodically try to charge from extremely obese passengers for two seats, I have some notes that I made a few years ago when there was similar dust about leg room (or lack thereof) for tall passengers. As a tall guy (about 6'5 ”), I know the discomfort of sharing rows with other big passengers. Not so Offensive They push us into that tiny seat to increase their profits? Don't airlines pay for our comfortable travel?

No and no. It is clear when we ask which airlines should leave. It may seem rude to write, “Big passengers who value comfort Can Pay for first class or 'comfort' seats. We don't To like However, be this way. Why Should Bigger and longer salaries are higher, especially when we are on the path with no fault of our own?

The answer is quite simple: it costs more to serve larger and taller passengers. This is not because we ask for a refill in coffee (which I do), or because we take too many snacks. We spend more because we take up more space. An obese passenger falls into the next seat so much that no one can sit there. I don't see how fair it is for employees and shareholders who rely on the prosperity of airlines for income. A single obese passenger takes two seats for which passengers have to pay $ 500 each at a cost of $ 1,000 — which is the airline's income from selling tickets to someone else. This may be an injustice in a cosmic sense, but it is not clear why this is a problem for other passengers.

The same is true of the legroom. Airlines can offer more legroom, but if they do, they will have fewer seats per flight. The revenue they have to sacrifice to provide more comfortable seats is the cost of accommodating longer passengers. But again, it's not clear why my height (and circumference, to be honest) is the responsibility of California teachers whose pension funds may own Delta Stock. Should they retire with less profit and less comfort because I want more legroom?

Let's go back to "pay for it if you want it" because it explains how people respect each other's preferences in the free market. Airlines offer more legrooms and spacious seats for those willing to pay for them. But again and again we passengers express through our choice that we are not willing. If I wanted to assure myself a lot of space, I could do so by booking a seat in first class or in Comfort +. Although I don't usually do that. Instead, I pay basic economy rent and basically enter a lottery where, since I regularly fly Delta, I occasionally jump into Comfort + or First Class. I Can Pay for a guaranteed legroom, but I'm usually unwilling. I giggle when I fold myself into a small seat without a legroom next to someone my size. I reminded myself that I could pay a little extra to be more comfortable but decided that I would prefer other things instead.

Why is it easier when travel is not more comfortable? Easy: Passengers are not willing to pay for it. By offering larger seats and more legroom, airlines are basically asking if we are willing to cover the cost of providing extra comfort. When we choose cheap, less comfortable economy class seats, we say "No, thank you."

Art Cardin

Art Cardin

Art Cardin is a Senior Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. He is also an Associate Professor of Economics at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.

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April 12, 2022 USA Watchdog Armstrong

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The battle of Kasturi to save America from absolute oppression

Secret orders targeting people’s emails, text messages and phone calls illegally

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"The government is tracking all the gold

Abortion in vaccinated women Armstrong Economics

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«No Patient Left Alone Act

The battle of Kasturi to save America from tyranny

Elon Musk's fight to take over Twitter and restore freedom of speech is a struggle to save the foundation of a truly free society. Everyone on the Twitter board is playing their part in trying to destroy the United States and handing over our dignity and sovereignty to the United Nations, just as the World Economic Forum has publicly stated.

The hatred that these people are exerting to destroy the very foundations of freedom is unbelievable. They are cheering Bill Gaines for being the owner of the largest farm and Jeff Bezos for occupying the Washington Post and pushing it as far to the left as possible. These evil people think that they can always deceive people and they are trying their best to brainwash them. The launch of CNN + Less than 10,000 Viewer which is less than even out site.

These guys cheer Twitter for a take Poison pills To prevent freedom of speech so that they can try to impose a distorted view of freedom on the whole people. These are the same people who kissed George Soros Klaus Schwab on the ground with their hands - people who cannot die without destroying the world that gave them their wealth and dignity. George Soros Came out and said "America is the biggest threat to world independence"

I hope I could buy millions of Twitter shares and join Elon Musk. Unfortunately, due to SEC regulations, I cannot own any shares without disclosing every share I own as we have advised around the world. Otherwise, I would have joined the mask because it is now a battle for the heart of America. These people need to send a message to stop trying to destroy America by following their fearless leader - Klaus Schwab. I will No. Allow Shoab or any of its partners in the World Economic Forum to access Socrates or any suggestions.

I can only hope that real patriots will come and Musk support Twitter is in his possession.

"Elon Musk for president? Evil Lurking inside Twitter