Biden needs to be indicted for violating the constitution

Of the Constitution Section I, Section 8 Specifically listed as the power of Congress – power “To declare war“What undoubtedly gives the legislature the power to start hostilities. The extent to which this clause limits the president’s ability to use any force without congressional approval remains highly competitive. Can the president order a biological strike without sending troops?” Can a president occupy all the reserves of a country like Russia without troops?War“Today it needs to be defined by the Supreme Court. When dealing with this trend!

Even after the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, Congress Approved To use presidential force against those who launched attacks and those who supported or aided them. Despite his mistakes, Bush did not invade Iraq without the permission of Congress. They manage Congressional inquiry The FDR was accused of imposing sanctions on Japan without the authority of Congress to force the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor because Congress would not declare war on World War II. There should be a congressional inquiry into the abuse of Biden’s executive order.

Definition of Declare war style Partly unsettling because there have been very few judicial decisions to explain it. In Reward case 67 U.S. 635 (1863), after the attack on Fort Sumter, the Supreme Court upheld President Lincoln’s blockade of the southern states as a precautionary measure, but it was unclear whether the siege authority came from. Section II, From certain rules passed by Congress in 1795 and 1807, or some combination of both. And in the order, the court noted that President Md Couldn’t get started Hostility without congressional approval.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had given its verdict To live v. Tinji, 4 U.S. 37 (1800), which generally refers to the broad power of Congress over war-building without specific instructions on the power of the President. As a result, courts are generally reluctant to reach a decision on the matter Declare war style Often avoiding questions using “standing” or “political question doctrine” that has harmed the nation as a whole. Biden can destroy the economy and cause the death of human children without a declaration of war. It is unacceptable if he always pretends that it is a democracy People Make that decision, not the dictator.

This is a very serious question that needs to be addressed by the Supreme Court, and we desperately need someone like the American Civil Union to block the sanctions imposed on Russia by Biden. Unconstitutional The declaration of war for this has been declared a direct war against Russia Only Congress may approve. Biden is spreading all the nonsense that this is a battle between democracy and dictatorship, he is a hypocrite and he is no better than Putin’s claim. The constitution has given that power PeopleThe President did not unilaterally use the executive order to protect the foundations of Congress and democracy.

Biden is a threat to us National security And that’s what he did Destruction The world economy is now half divided into the last globalization. It will now reduce world GDP from here due to abuse of power. This gives us all To stand Even the White House is now trying to blame Putin for the rise in inflation. Only Congress has the authority to do what Biden has done, putting the whole world at risk. Neokon constantly shuts them down Proxy warfare Which also confuses the people and the Congress.

If Russia blocks the United States from Swift and calls for the president to be ousted, it will be enough grounds for Congress to declare war. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last week that the United States and other Western nations had made the announcement. “Total warFor an attack on Russia against Ukraine’s civil war, which was secretly supported and funded by the United States. We must respect that Russia would be justified in launching a full-scale war against Europe and the United States just as the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in response to a similar embargo in which all Japanese assets were confiscated in the United States before Pearl Harbor.

The neoconservatives did not even try to hide the fact that Advocate A. I’m happy today With Russia. As the Associated Press reports, Lavrov has made it clear that the United States has entered a “real hybrid war, a full-scale war against us.” Report. That is the truth and this is the question Unconstitutional And this seizure of power by the Supreme Court needs to be resolved.

Hybrid Warfare”Is a word that means use Both Conventional and unconventional ways to attack an opponent. These include attacking opponents with conventional weapons such as missiles and artillery but hacking the enemy’s communications, power grids and possibly water supplies.

Total Warfare”Is a word that refers to war that is used Completeness An adversary state, including its civilian population, as a legitimate target of military action. Its goal is the complete destruction of the political state.

Lavrov sets goals “Total war“Declared by the West”Destroy, destroy, annihilate, strangle the Russian economy and the whole of Russia.

He is absolutely right. Russia was once a communist state that wanted to impose its economic theory on the whole world, just as Klaus Schwab is doing now. World Economic Forum And the “Great Reset” for which, as Khrushchev once said, the whole world needed to submit. Those days are gone, but the Neocons need an enemy, and despite the fact that Russia is no longer a communist threat, they don’t care – Russia will always be their enemy.

The United States has gone too far and we have this endless war that the American people are tired of. Nevertheless, we have people like Biden cleverly evading the power to seize the constitution that was entrusted to the people. Because the tax will be approved by many congresses because the king Never Had the power to tax without Consent It is asking the people to collect taxes to protect the nation against an invader.

That is why the American Revolution was fought. Was the American colony No. Can represent the people in Parliament and historically No. Will be taxed without them Consent. The war against Russia has begun without Biden Consent People should accuse him for one Unconstitutional Power grab

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