COVID outbreak on 100% vaccinated cruise ships

All passengers and crew members must be fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 for Princess Cruise. Nevertheless, a ship carrying only vaccinated people recently docked in San Francisco after experiencing a COVID outbreak. “Guest and crew vaccination rates were 100 percent,” he said. The company has confirmed that it is working in accordance with the CDC guidelines for the entire epidemic.

About 70% of cruise liners have reported cuts and furloughs due to the epidemic. The industry lost at least $ 63 billion between 2020 and 2021 when cruise ships were banned from operating or the number of travelers decreased due to fear. There Numerous examples Cruise ships are experiencing COVID outbreaks despite vaccination orders on board.

The CDC recently downgraded the risk of cruise ships to “Level 2” after considering them as “moderate; high-risk-level 4” after the initial Omicron outbreak. They never banned shipping during the flu season or nearly wiped out an entire industry for a virus with negligible mortality. The vaccine does not prevent infection. The vaccine does not prevent infection. This is yet another unintentional case study which proves that it was never an “epidemic of immunizations”.

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