Danish politicians have advised residents of the European Union to avoid long showers

Danish politician Margrethe Vestager is completely unaware of the real reasons behind the rising inflation in 19 counties in the European Union (EU). According to EU politicians, the only problem is Russia, and the only solution is to sacrifice the lives of the EU’s people.

“Everyone is asking what I can do. You can do two things: control the shower for yourself and your teen. And when you stop that water, you say – “Take that Putin!” Vesteger said the limited hot springs, a common pleasure in life, could be a work in solidarity with Ukraine. Putin will not tell his troops to retreat because you have allowed your health to decline. It is another measure of punishing the people for the ignorance of politicians.

German Economy Minister Robert Habek has denied the supply chain crisis. “At present there is no shortage of supply“Nevertheless, we must take precautionary measures to be prepared for the growing situation on the part of Russia.” Instead of making any effort to become less dependent on Russian power, politicians are urging the people to use less power. This is an insult to the people living in the European Union who did not make any statement about voting for the decision makers in charge who are sending the whole bloc downward spiral.

“Russian power surgery

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