Democrats are now pushing China toward covert destruction

China has bluntly warned that it will take Strong measures If the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan. They have warned that such a visit will take place Severely affected Sino-US relations.

Let me do it Too much Clear. The Western Keynesian economic model is crumbling. Shoaib claims that “You will not own anything. And you will be happy“Not a communist sales pitch. It’s much more serious than that. Because the European Central Bank went back to negative interest rates in 2014 and never got any stimulus there, they put European governments on life-support and wiped out all pension funds that are government by law.” A portion of the bond had to be retained.

There will be a government No. Like but default but if they do, millions will storm their castle with pitchforks. Shoaib Life Insurance is pulling the scandal. They sell fire insurance, accident insurance, flood insurance and earthquake insurance, but they couldn’t sell death insurance so they call it life instead. Shoaib Chatur says that we will write off all your debts. It sounds like they are doing it for you when they actually need to default.

These people are building WARs for two purposes: (1) they need to fight to impose more restrictions on their digital currency to claim vaccines on IDs, and (2) they actually think they can persuade Russia and China to comply with their Great Reset, including climate change. The United Nations will not surrender its sovereignty.

Let’s not make a mistake here, the neocons have planned to use Ukraine to stab bears for two reasons. The firstThey really think they can conquer Russia and they know that Putin No. Crazy and much more reasonable. They assume he will do it No. Lean towards nuclear weapons and they will occupy Russia and then launch China. The secondIt is also about the termination of energy flowing from Russia to Europe for the flow of the pipeline through Ukraine.

At the Dubai 2022 World Government Summit, they include a panel discussion on what energy will look like. Post-Ukraine crisis. They also had a panel entitled: Is the world ready for the future outside of oil? It’s all intentional and we must understand that they are making war and to make it a dream New World Order And they really want to push the world into chaos and then see the UN as the great peace maker to save humanity only when the herdsmen are killed, we all have digital IDs, and no currency other than the government-controlled digital currency so that they commit all crimes. And could eradicate the underground economy.

So while Biden is shouting that this is a war between democracy and authoritarianism, it is nonsense to say that there is no democracy without this fact – we all live in a republic where people have no right to vote except for those who pretend to represent the people. This New World Order will remove any pretense of democracy and we will not have any constitutional rights. We need a war to end our human rights record and Germany is about to pass a mandatory vaccine for anyone 60 years of age or older or you will starve to death that will never leave your home – just thank you very much!

So now Pelosi has to go to Taiwan and start a revolution and John McCain did it in Ukraine with the promise of America standing by them. He used to say that the Americans would defend Taiwan against China. They want another proxy war against China now that Pelosi is entering the neoconservative camp like Hillary.

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