Dysentery protects vulnerable children – housekeepers angry

Florida Gov. Ron Descentis has signed into law the Parental Rights Act, which the media has described as “no homosexual act,” even though the words do not appear in the bill. The law will protect third-graders from kindergarten from teaching adults about sex and gender theories. “We will make sure that parents can send their children to school for education, not an instinct,” Desantis said.

Although some believe the bill is homophobic, such courses aim to prevent it:

Children should not be asked to express or discuss their sexuality. I’m not sure why it needs to be said. The media is outraged, claiming that DeSantis is harming young people by preventing young influential children from discussing alternative families and lifestyles. President Joe Biden even called the bill “disgusting” and said his administration would closely monitor Florida’s public schools.

A statement from Disney:

It was released a week later More than 100 Disney employees were involved in human trafficking operations, The agency said they are opposed to the bill. “For them that they are going to actively work for parents to cancel the substantial protection of a company that is supposedly marketing its services to parents with young children? I think they Crossing a line“They support the sexuality of children in kindergarten, they support the awakening of gender ideology in second-grade classrooms, they enable schools to ‘change’ students to ‘heterosexual’ schools without parental consent, much less without the consent of parents.” There is no problem in censoring movies for Chinese viewers and no problem in traveling on cruise lines in countries that ban LGBTQ communities.

As a reminder, the tax dollar goes toward public school financing. Unfortunately, the average American cannot send their child to private school. The average cost of private elementary school tuition is $ 10,994 per year, and private high school averages $ 15,535.. There is a clear agenda to remove gender formation in America, even the next Supreme Court nominee has said he cannot define “woman”. Why is it that everyone from potash to big corporations are angry that children can’t be taught about sex? The government wants to take the role of parents. There is something sinister behind the scenes.

“Satanize your opponent

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