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Question: Twitter has retested less on your ECM date and the whole rally started with that goal. Did Socrates predict what the mask was going to do? And btw, would you support Elon Musk for president? Have you ever met a mask? He is also in AI.


Answer: OK the answer would be yes, but you need to know that only a “normal born citizen” can be president. Her mother was Canadian but her father was a Canadian of American descent. So I don’t do that to qualify him as President or VP. It is clearly stated in the constitution that a constitutional amendment would be required to change it. There is no other requirement of this nature for appointment to the US Supreme Court in any one chamber of Congress. Section II, Section 1 states:

“No person other than a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, shall be eligible for office of President when this Constitution is adopted; No one will be eligible for the office if he has not reached the age of thirty-five and has lived in the United States for fourteen years. “

Therefore, Musk could be in the president’s cabinet or he could run for the Senate or Congress, but I would not recommend it. He will be one of many voices and it will not change. So, Trump won for him No. A politician. This is why some people are now saying that Elon Musk is a better choice. I understand that but under the constitution it is not realistic.

No, I’ve never met Musk. I wanted to, but that opportunity did not present itself. I think he would find Socrates attractive, but he doesn’t drive. Whether or not Socrates predicted the capture of the mask, but who did not. Just as the computer predicted in 1985 that a potential third-party / non-politician would win in 2016 (31.4 years in this wave) predicted that Trump would win but it did not predict that it would be Trump 31.4 years ago. It projected a product boom based on the rise of authoritarianism, civil unrest, disease and scarcity. There is only one time and place for everything.

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