German inflation 22.6% – last seen

Wholesale prices in Germany rose to a record high in March Compared to the same month last year, wholesale prices rose 22.6%, as the Federal Bureau of Statistics announced Tuesday in Wiesbaden. This is the hall Maximum increase Since the count began in 1962. Month-on-month, wholesale prices rose 6.9%, a further record increase.

Our models point to serious problems ahead for Germany, and all of this push is aimed at diverting Russia from the collapse of the European economy. Negative interest rates since 2014 have wiped out pension funds and proved that the central bank can no longer control the economy. Add to that the branded Covid restrictions that have hit the heart of the supply chain hard and we have a recipe for complete economic catastrophe that is reflected in the inflation rate that then leads to civil unrest.

I have said many times, we have Bad The potential harvest of world leaders I have witnessed in my lifetime. There isn’t a character with whom I can sit down and have an intelligent conversation. The appointment of Germany’s Jennifer Morgan as their secretary of state is simply amazing. What is its role? Tell Putin to shut down his tanks because they produce CO2?

These climate entrepreneurs have been able to destroy the world economy in just two years. Never in the history of humanity Never There has been such nonsense from those in power. They should admire their heads in the mirror every day, because if history repeats itself, they will be dragged out of the palace and their heads will be decorated with spikes in the joy of justice.

It is well known that the first casualties of the war were True, And nothing more than soldiers crossing political boundaries picking lies. Therefore, they further say that history is written by conquerors. Since Kovid, we have seen a growing trend of civil unrest. Politicians are deliberately working hard to create a war with Russia that covers their real goal of controlling the planet. Every conflicting agenda on the world stage has been accelerated since the war was aimed at stabbing the Russian bear. It has wreaked havoc on the world economy, put an end to globalization and divided the world US vs. them The only solution is armed conflict. Our world leaders need a war with Russia and then they will lean towards China because they think that threatening China with sanctions will prevent them from joining Russia against the West. It will fail – China is not so stupid. Blaming other people is always the way to go. They have to demonize their enemies so that they incite hatred which they use to wage war.

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