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Question: Is there any hope for the future? In the midst of war, digital currency, authoritarianism and financial collapse, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for our kids. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Can our children go anywhere to survive this insanity?


Answer: Yes! I know this may sound depressing, but this great plan to change the world will fail. Not everything that is in front is dark and gloomy. The clouds will part and the sun will shine. This is not the end of civilization, this is the next cycle of civilization. It will be up to us to rebuild the society because we will see the fall of all these Republican governments just like the fall of the Roman Republic. Our computer has never been evil in this broad political prediction.

This current wave began with the formation of the Plaza Accord and the G5 – not the G20 in August 1985. The first wave of Tokyo crashed in 1989, SE Asia peaked in 1994, then Russia collapsed in 1998, the 2002 real estate rally began which peaked in 2007, 2011 marked the height of gold and 2015.75 was the day Russia helped Syra. . Trump was sworn in on the day of the pie, and marked the beginning of the 2020.05 Covid scheme, the rise of global civil unrest, and the 2024 commodity boom. Putin’s term expires in 2024, and it is being touted as a threat – the only one with common sense. Remove Putin and you will find Russian neocons who can come to power and face it directly in 2028.

It will be up to us not to create a new Bretton Woods because Schwab wants to hand over all power to the UN, but to push for a truly direct democracy and bring an end to this corrupt republic. These people in the government consider themselves honorable when in reality they are using their families for all kinds of corruption like moving away from hell from laptops. A congressman cannot be on the board of a private company, so his wife or child is like Hunter Biden. They build their foundations like Clinton and John McCain and tell people to put millions of dollars in there and then they live off the benefits. They can also keep all the money they donate for the election that they have not spent – tax-free. I went to the political “dinner” where everything is there but as long as we are standing, it is not a “dinner” because it is illegal for a politician to buy dinner. It’s always a dog and pony show.

In the end there is no government Never It is the turn of our founding father to follow the surviving generation after generation.

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