Is Biden also leading a war criminal civilization to destruction?

Biden has announced that “major war crimes” are being discovered in Ukraine as Russian forces withdraw from the vicinity of Kiev. In a full-blown propaganda move, he took what Zelensky said at face value, a puppet aimed at creating World War III because the government’s ability to continue working under the Keynesian economy was running out. On top of that, Biden is desperate to change the focus from his own corruption and Hunter Biden hopes to change the subject. Biden denies any independent investigation, citing Zelensky, who did nothing but try to fight Russia by refusing to abide by the 1991 Belgrade Neutrality Agreement and the Minsk Agreement, which allowed Donbass to vote for their own independence.

Biden called Putin a “war criminal” during World War III, a measure that was applied to every president during the war. The United States has refused to address all claims of war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc. Killing civilians Drone strikes in Kabul. Who is responsible for that war crime? By definition, he is a war criminal for Kabul. It was also a brutal, cold-blooded execution-style but the United States was excused from being tried at the ICC because the United States refused to prosecute for war crimes in the Netherlands.

Biden’s argument for imposing US sanctions on Moscow now targets Putin’s daughters. Biden said: “Responsible countries must come together to hold these perpetrators accountable.” Biden has stepped up sanctions targeting Putin’s two adult daughters. Why are they responsible for this?

There is a biden Destruction The world economy has also been abused Swift That system has shown that it is no longer independent, only a political tool. China would be absolutely intelligent at the moment if it did No. Set up its options Swift. Many more countries have begun to side with Russia. Even India has seen Biden’s move as utterly reckless. Biden’s ever-expanding sanctions have completely isolated Russia, just as the FDR did to Japan. If history repeats itself, I will No. Lives in Washington, LA, Chicago or New York. These can be extracted with supersonic atoms and Biden has nothing to do with stopping it. He must be removed from office. Every administration has sought world peace. Looking for Biden Only War

Will be there Never To be a return Normal And only a madman would act like Biden, deliberately destroying international relations that took decades to establish. You will not allow Putin to retreat, and any change of regime will only lead to those behind Putin who are far more neo-Putin than Putin.

Rome lasted 1,000 years, but it collapsed in 8.6 years. History is repeating itself. Biden was much worse than I personally thought. The prediction comes from Socrates, not me personally. There are no people who would have guessed that a world leader would be this aggressor. In fact, Biden’s 8.6-year tenure will be 2029.65 (August 25, 2029). As our models warn that the French Fifth Republic will end by 2030, the same is true of most republics that will include the United States.

“Bucha – False flag to cross the Rubicon

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