Jude Rules Biden’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional for the Navy

A federal judge fired Biden’s unreasonable request to make vaccination compulsory for Navy personnel with religious objections. Judge Reed O’Connor of Texas is the same judge who saved 35 special operations members from losing their careers because of an order in January. These men and women risk their lives to save our nation; All we can do is defend the freedom that they are fighting for.

“The COVID-19 epidemic does not give the government any license to revoke those freedoms. Covid-19 is no exception in the First Amendment. “ O’Connor said earlier. During the January testimony, defendants also cited an increasing number of cases of heart inflammation (myocarditis), which we now know is a possible side effect of the vaccine.

Hundreds of military personnel from various branches have already lost their livelihoods due to the order. How many military personnel will voluntarily be vaccinated again this year? Last year, Pfizer’s initial case study was unknown. The extent of the risk associated with the vaccine was unknown. The conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine proved to be true. The mandate is now a direct threat to national security, and sadly, the White House is denying the people the constitutional right to die for their protection.

“Modern is developing a dangerous flu vaccine

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