Marco Rubio is preparing to join Biden to destroy the world economy

The world has gone completely nuts and now even Republican Marco Rubio is drafting legislation to ban China. Biden’s sanctions have completely destroyed the world economy, abruptly ended globalization and world peace. I wrote to Marco Rubio in response to his tweet, but I seriously doubt he will ever respond.

“It simply came to our notice then. However, I will publish it on ArmsatronEconomics.COM. I have advised countries and testified before the House Wages and Means Committee. These sanctions on Russia have already destroyed the world economy and destroyed the integrity of the Swift system. Sanctions have never worked in history, and before Biden every president wanted world peace where what we see now is World War III. All this nonsense has confirmed the end of the United States as the leader of the world economy. Even SWIFT somehow told Obama in 2014 that they would not remove Russia from the system. Now Swift has committed suicide and Biden has split the world economy. It will never return to normal and your proposal to ban China is crazy. In fact, it is the arrogance of the United States as the world’s police that has caused our inevitable death. The SWIFT is no longer the foundation of the world economy and it is ending the dollar and the economic situation in the United States. No nation lasts forever, and just as Athens’ arrogance led to the Peloponnesian War; We too have become much more arrogant by sealing our own destiny for foolishness. China bans and you guarantee their Swift alternative and once you stop being goodwill, then without trade they will no longer have the incentive to participate in the world economy and thus it is no longer a threat to bite your hand to feed. “

The European Union’s relations with China have also plunged into unprecedented new lows. The United States, along with its European allies, has introduced these theories to impose sanctions on China, with absolutely no understanding of how the world economy works. World peace is established not by threats and demonstrations or by nuclear weapons. It is free trade that binds the Roman Empire together, where the conquered lands find it economically advantageous to be part of the empire rather than spear-wielding on the other side of the border. By removing Russia from SWIFT and now threatening China with sanctions, if they give Russia the courage to use their alternative, I can say that the United States is doomed. Biden calls Putin a war criminal, yet under this theory, President Johnson was a war criminal for abusing troops in Vietnam. There are allegations of war crimes against Americans from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. So is Obama also a war criminal? Such allegations Guarantee There will be no peace – ever!

Marco Rubio also mentioned that he was thinking of enacting legislation to allow China to help Moscow avoid the Swift embargo. Once trade is broken, there is no incentive to work together. The only thing that can resolve such conflicts is war. We see India, among many countries, viewing American arrogance as an obstacle and pushing them into the arms of an alternative economy.

The United States is financing the civil war in Ukraine because Neokon hates the Russians. They are now stabbing China and threatening to impose the same sanctions on China and dare to think that they will kneel down and apologize. This thought is complete madness. The American people are tired of endless war. The United States is sending National Guard Foreign troops. The Reserve and the National Guard are being sent abroad because we do not have the necessary troops. These are people who have families – 18 year old boys were not sent to die. These are also National Guard soldiers, who No. Defend the race, but other people.

A closer look at the National Guard’s website tells us that it has one or two missions. The “State Mission“Which you will remember from your service,” provided to provide trained and disciplined forces for domestic emergencies or otherwise required by law. “Here’s one more”Federal Mission“Maintain properly trained and equipped units available for immediate mobilization in case of war, national emergency or otherwise.” Our National Guard troops have been called in on the basis of this federal mission in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, yet it is doubtful whether it is legitimate without a declaration of war.

We need to remember that our politicians are quick to kill people without considering their families. There seems to be no serious thought about what is happening, and it is playing with all the word-bites.

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