Market Talk – April 6, 2022


In the Japanese capital, core consumer prices rose the fastest in more than two years in March, due to rising fuel consumption, which reached a four-decade high after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Analysts say the relentless rise in global commodity prices could ruin Japan’s fragile recovery from the epidemic, even as domestic Kovid-19 infections decline and social distance is reduced. The Tokyo Core Consumer Price Index (CPI), which excludes volatile fresh foods but includes energy items, rose 0.8% year-on-year in March, the fastest pace since December 2019. It was faster than a median market forecast for 0.7% gain and 0.5% increase in February. A 26.1% rise in energy prices – the fastest annual growth in 41 years – has boosted Tokyo Core CPI for March, data show. In the overall text, which includes the price of fresh food, the Tokyo CPI rose 1.3% in March from a year earlier, the highest since April 2019.

Major Asian stock markets had mixed days today:I NIKKEI 225 437.68 points or -1.58% decreased to 27,350.30Shanghai rose 0.71 points, or 0.02%, to 3,283.43Hang Seng was down 421.79 points or -1.87% to 22,080.52• The ASX 200 fell 37.80 points, or -0.50%, to 7,490.10• Cospy fell 24.17 points or -0.88% to 2,735.03The Sensex fell 566.09 points or -0.94% to 59,610.41• Nifty 50 decreased by 149.75 points or -0.83% to 17,807.65

Major Asian currency markets had mixed days today:U AUDUSD decreased 0.00530 or -0.69% to 0.75317• NZDUSD fell 0.00190 or -0.27% to 0.69288USDJPY rose 0.122 or 0.10% to 123.745USDCNY decreased 0.01290 or -0.20% to 6.36469

Precious Metals:• Gold rose 1.23 USD / t oz. Or 0.06% to 1,924.99Silver rose 0.128 USD / t. oz or 0.52% to 24.438

Some economic news from last night:China:Caixin Services PMI (Mar) decreased from 50.2 to 42.0Hong Kong: Manufacturing PMI (March) fell to 42.0 from 42.9New Zealand:The ANZ Commodity Price Index (MoM) remains the same at 3.9%

Today’s economic newsIndia:The Nikkei Services PMI (Mar) rose to 53.6 from 51.8M3 Money supply has decreased from 7.9% to 7.8%


Bank of England (BoE) Governor Andrew Bailey says cryptocurrencies are the new “front line” in criminal scams that financial regulators are trying to prevent. Bailey, speaking at a “Stop Scams” conference hosted by the UK’s central bank, said crypto’s underlying technology was contributing to innovation in financial services, but created “opportunities for the youngest criminal”.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) last week extended a deadline for approving crypto business, giving a dozen firms more time to receive their applications. So far, 33 companies have been approved by Watchdog, allowing them to continue providing crypto services from within the UK after 1 April. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has said that companies in the temporary register of crypto asset trading will be given extra time if they can show their need. Companies can do this by providing more information for their application, appealing against the FCA’s decision or closing their activities.

Europe’s major stock markets had a negative day:• CAC 40 decreased by 146.68 points or -2.21% to 6,498.83• FTSE 100 decreased by 26.02 points or -0.34% to 7,587.70• DAX 30 decreased by 272.67 points or -1.89% to 14,151.69

Today was a green day in Europe’s major currency markets:• EURUSD rose 0.00066 or 0.06% to 1.09129• GBPUSD rose 0.00035 or 0.03% to 1.30795• USDCHF rose 0.00288 or 0.31% to 0.93252

Today’s economic news from Europe:Germany:German factory orders (MoM) (February) fell to -2.2% from 2.3%IHS Markit Construction PMI (Mar) decreased from 54.9 to 50.9United Kingdom:Construction remains the same at PMI (March) 59.1Spain:Spanish consumer confidence fell from 89.8 to 53.8Eurozone:PPI (MoM) (February) fell to 1.1% from 5.1%PPI (YoY) (February) increased from 30.6% to 31.4%

US / Americas:

Fed President Mary Daly says 40 years of high inflation has been equally detrimental to individuals such as not having jobs. The Daily announces that the Fed believes inflation will continue to rise for some time, but has tried to give the public some confidence. Rising interest rates “Need to reassure, [you] Go to bed at night, you don’t think prices will be higher, tomorrow will be much higher, “said the Fed president.

Today, the United States imposed additional sanctions on Russia. Putin’s two teenage daughters have been approved because the United States has accused them of providing funding for their father. In addition, the United States is banning all new investments in Russia. This rule applies to U.S. residents and U.S. citizens living abroad. Russia’s two largest banks, Sberbank and Alfa Bank, will be barred from communicating with the United States in addition to ongoing power purchases.

US market closed:

  • The Dow fell 144.67 points, or -0.42%, to 34,496.51
  • The S&P 500 lost 43.97 points, or -0.97%, to 4,481.15
  • The Nasdaq fell 315.35 points, or -2.22%, to 13,888.82
  • Russell 2000 fell 29.11 points, or -1.42%, to 2,016.94

Canada Market Closed:

  • The TSX Composite fell 142.23 points, or -0.65%, to 21,788.6
  • The TSX 60 fell 7.33 points, or -0.55%, to 1,322.3

Brazil market closed:

  • Bowespa fell 657.4 points, or -0.55%, to 118,227.75


The oil market was mixed today:

Crude oil fell 2.68 USD / BBL or -2.63% to 99.280• Brent fell 2.62 USD / BBL or -2.46% to 104.02• Natural gas rose 0.247 USD / MMBtu or 4.09% to 6.2780Petrol decreased by 0.0617 USD / GAL or -1.95% to 3.1032• Heating oil decreased 0.0732 USD / GAL or -2.11% to 3.3950

The above information was collected around 13:03 EST on Wednesday

পণ্য Top product recipients: natural gas (4.09%) and milk (1.05%), lean hogs (1.07%), bitumen (3.89%)পণ্য Top products damaged: wood (-6.07%), crude oil (-2.63%), Brent (-2.46%) and hot oil (-2.11%)

The above information was collected around 13:11 EST on Wednesday.


Japan 0.241% (+ 3.2bp), US 2 2.50% (-0.028%), US 10 2.6031% (+ 4.88bps); 2.63% (+ 0.048%) of US 30, Bunds 0.647% (+ 3.7bp), France 1.188% (+ 3.4bp), Italy 2.324% (+ 7.6bp), Turkey 24.14% (-3bp), Greece 2.760% ( + 3bp) 11.5bp), Portugal 1.602% (+ 9bp); Spain 1.695% (+ 9.6bp) and UK Gilts 1.7010% (+ 4.7bp).

Market Talk – April 5, 2022

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