No Patient Left Alone Act

Florida Governor Ron Descentis has repeatedly proven that he is a man of the people. DeSantis signed SB 988, the No Patient Left Alone Act, which guarantees that no one in the state of Florida will die alone in hospital, hospice and long-term care facilities. Under the oppressive Kovid Act, countless people were unable to see their loved ones in their last days. This is a malicious and deliberate attempt to force the population to cave in to Big Pharma because the medical community can no longer deny that the vaccine does not prevent infection.

Many states still require proof of vaccination or PCR testing to access medical facilities. A friend of mine recently lost his grandfather, and his 90-year-old grandmother was barred from accessing the New York-based facility because she had not been vaccinated. PCR results take time to process and are only valid for a few days. There was no final word or hug farewell. These laws have severely punished everyone in our society.

DeSantis is finally ending this unfounded persecution. “Throughout the epidemic, the federal government has waived the protection of families to visit their loved ones in hospital and long-term care facilities. This is unacceptable, “said Governor Ron Desantis. “Here in Florida, we recognize it The connection between family and people is one of the most important aspects of physical, mental and emotional well-being And we’re confident that Floridians will never again be denied the right to visit relatives and friends while in a hospital or nursing home. “

The new law will protect families and loved ones from the most painful situations:

  • The last situation of life.
  • A resident, client or patient who was living with family before being admitted to provider care is struggling with climate change and lack of personal family support.
  • A resident, client or patient is making one or more major medical decisions.
  • A resident, client or patient is experiencing emotional distress or mourning the loss of a friend or family member who has recently died.
  • A resident, client, or patient needs a hint or encouragement to eat or drink that was previously provided by a family member or caregiver.
  • A resident, client or patient who spoke and communicated with others rarely spoke.
  • For hospital, delivery including delivery and delivery.
  • Pediatric patients.

In fact, the system has abandoned “pediatric patients” because of these unimaginable restrictions. Senator Ileana Garcia said the “No Patient Left Alone Act is about protecting human dignity and compassion.” It should be protected as a basic human right. I don’t see it as a federal-level ruler because the Biden administration wants to dissent.

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