Pakistan – Conspiracy or Revolution?

Khan has repeatedly said that Pakistan’s opposition parties are working with foreign powers. He is not alone in this allegation, as members of his party (PTI) also left the building just before the vote, insisting it was an international conspiracy. The United States has said no such allegations were made. But of course, they will never admit it.

Pakistan’s economic crisis without foreign conspiracies without questionable reasons for revolution. Khan’s government is dismissing the no-confidence motion against him, which began on March 8, 2022 – in the wake of the country’s growing economic crisis – as a “foreign conspiracy”. In this context, on 3 April, in an unprecedented move, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, dissolved the General Assembly. On April 7, the Supreme Court ruled against Khan and restored parliament for a no-confidence vote. Then on April 10th, they proceeded to oust him from power.

Rising inflation, the devaluation of the currency as it has risen from 2 152 to থেকে 188 since April, massive foreign debt, and corruption are the main motives behind the political turmoil. What Kan called a foreign conspiracy is not entirely unqualified, but it was not directed at him. Biden’s commitment to ending fossil fuels sets the pace for global energy prices to rise. He then imposed the toughest sanctions against Russia and destroyed the world economy, showing that even now the Swift system has lost all integrity. In fact, Putin has come out and warned that the BRIC countries now have to establish their own alternatives to Swift, only to further demonstrate that Biden has destroyed the world economy.

Rising electricity prices are actually causing political catastrophe around the world and this political coup in Pakistan is actually a foreign conspiracy known as the Great Reset which is trying to force the whole world to go green without any alternative. The foreign conspiracy is not a CIA conspiracy to overthrow Khan. It is a catastrophic plan for climate change that these people have no idea what pressure they are putting on the whole world. These poor countries could not keep up with rising energy prices and incomes that were merely hand-to-mouth economies. Our computer is showing that we are heading towards a full-blown global war and an economic catastrophe that these elites who think they can force the whole world to green in a few years. It is creating global civil unrest that is unprecedented in human history.

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