People are hungry under the lockdown in Shanghai

People in Shanghai are hungry. The screams heard in the annoying video above are more than mere frustration. China has put millions of people under a severe lockdown that was originally supposed to last five days. In the wake of the lawsuits, China has extended its lockdown indefinitely under its zero-cove tolerance policy.

Those who were ready for the five-day lockdown are now rationing what food and water they have left. Tap water is not necessarily safe to drink, and people are starting to boil water if they have a way to do it. According to my source, people living in the community gather together to buy bulk food orders if possible for a premium. China is offering a closed-loop system for some workers who have to stay in their jobs for the rest of the lockdown. Therefore, the supply of workers is low, and the demand is extremely high. Hungry citizens usually log in to the Early Meal Delivery app and usually only have a few minutes to place their bulk order. The food they eat is carefully rationed because there is no guarantee of the next meal.

The exchange system always appears in times of disaster. People are doing business with each other wherever possible, even though they are forbidden to leave their homes. No one is allowed to visit relatives or examine the elderly or the disabled. Worse, people are unable to access medical services or prescription drugs. The government continues to provide rationed food, but its rollout has been so ineffective that most have no access to food.

China will let its people die of dehydration and starvation Protect them From a virus with a negligible mortality rate. This is how the revolution started.

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