The battle of Kasturi to save America from tyranny

Elon Musk’s fight to take over Twitter and restore freedom of speech is a struggle to save the foundation of a truly free society. Everyone on the Twitter board is playing their part in trying to destroy the United States and handing over our dignity and sovereignty to the United Nations, just as the World Economic Forum has publicly stated.

The hatred that these people are exerting to destroy the very foundations of freedom is unbelievable. They are cheering Bill Gaines for being the owner of the largest farm and Jeff Bezos for occupying the Washington Post and pushing it as far to the left as possible. These evil people think that they can always deceive people and they are trying their best to brainwash them. The launch of CNN + Less than 10,000 Viewer which is less than even out site.

These guys cheer Twitter for a take Poison pills To prevent freedom of speech so that they can try to impose a distorted view of freedom on the whole people. These are the same people who kissed George Soros Klaus Schwab on the ground with their hands – people who cannot die without destroying the world that gave them their wealth and dignity. George Soros Came out and said “America is the biggest threat to world independence

I hope I could buy millions of Twitter shares and join Elon Musk. Unfortunately, due to SEC regulations, I cannot own any shares without disclosing every share I own as we have advised around the world. Otherwise, I would have joined the mask because it is now a battle for the heart of America. These people need to send a message to stop trying to destroy America by following their fearless leader – Klaus Schwab. I will No. Allow Shoab or any of its partners in the World Economic Forum to access Socrates or any suggestions.

I can only hope that real patriots will come and Musk support Twitter is in his possession.

“Elon Musk for president? Evil Lurking inside Twitter

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