The goal of California Republicans is to make theft illegal

In 2014, California criminalized theft by basically allowing shoppers to take whatever they wanted until it was below 9 950. Prop 47, the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, encourages offenders to act as they please without a response because no criminal charges can be brought against them. California does not commit total robberies, so a criminal may target a store more than once a week with limited response until each robbery is less than $ 950.

Republican lawmakers introduced AB 1599, which would repeal most of Prop 47 and “re-criminalize crime.” Republican Assembly member Kevin Kelly, author of AB 1599, said:[Prop 47] Originally legalized theft and open drug use in California, which ended Incredible destruction and occupation robbery

Robbery and looting by petty criminals has become an organized crime. “You have people who go to department stores and they actually have a calculator,” Kelly said. “They will add value to what they are stealing because they know that unless it is below $ 950, they can wave security cameras on the way out. They know it will not have any consequences. “

Rachel Michelin, president and CEO of the California Retailers Association (CRA), noted that San Francisco and Oakland lost alone. 3.6 billion annually Organized retail crime. The National Retail Federation estimates losses from organized crime account for about 0.07% of total sales and believes the CRA is overvaluing. Either way, it’s a preventable loss. Governor Gavin Newsom has to approve the measure, but it is consistent in light of the crime scene. There is newsom Ignore the application Fighting shop owners were told to crack down on shoplifting, and to use other existing laws to prosecute thieves. It would be wise for independent store owners to leave California because the laws only protect criminals who have abused Prop 47.

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