The truth behind the war with Russia

The conspiracy behind Ukraine is much deeper than anyone willing to speak out. Yanukovych was corrupt and his sons were acting like security rackets. Yanukovych was keen to join the EU but there was a clause in the agreement that kept Ukraine in NATO through the back door. Ukraine must abide by all NATO rules and regulations without being formally admitted. Worse, Ukraine had to trade exclusively with the European Union when Russia was its main trading partner and its energy came from Russia. This is why Yanukovych backed down and this is the beginning of the whole uprising. To calm the protesters, Yanukovych agreed to hold elections within nine months. It was here that the American neocons worked hard to see the coup as an opportunity, and they wanted to install their own people. That’s all there is to Victoria Nuland’s leaked phone call.

Zelensky was elected with overwhelming support for peace, which was right The opposite The purpose of the American neocon. Ukrainian nationalists (Nazis) threatened to kill Zelensky if he pushed for peace with Russia. Zelensky made a political flip-flop and surrendered to the Nazi movement. Reliable sources insist that the Nazis threatened to kill Zelensky in order to prevent peace with Russia.

Don’t forget McCain and Leslie Graham even addressed the Ukrainian Nazis that Trump promised to support them in December 2016 after he was elected, but before he was sworn in. The neoconservatives were working hard to ensure that there was no peace with Russia.

The whole of Russiagate has been disrespected but we have to understand the reality of international relations. Hillary, who befriended a neon and John McCain who handed over fraudulent steel dossiers to James Comey at the FBI, blackmailed Yeltsin and intervened in 2000 to facilitate the failed transfer of Russia by bankers. The election that brought Putin to power. Some believe that Hillary made the whole theory that Trump is Putin’s puppet. The neocons even made up the story that Putin was a former KGB and that this meant he wanted to revive the old Soviet Union, which was a lie.

With the seriousness of this activity, we are now moving towards a war against fake news. Obama refused to provide military assistance to Ukraine and the whole Russiagate had to box Trump who then advised Ukraine to provide military weapons to prove that he was not Putin’s puppet. The neoconservatives were trying to push Trump into conflict in front of their eyes.

Can you imagine Kennedy rejecting their advice and what he did with the neoconservatives? Cuban Missile Crisis This has led to a major shift in US-Russian relations. It forced both of them to realize that they needed each other and that conflict was not the answer. It probably cost Kennedy his life. I believe the Neocons killed him and Oswald was hinted that he was somehow connected to Russia. The CIA refused to release the files, citing the fact that the Neocons had ousted Kennedy.

By creating Russiagate, the main purpose was to prevent Trump from working on a peace deal with Russia. Can you imagine if the Cuban Missile Crisis had occurred during the Trump administration, the neocons would have lived up to their glory by warning Trump that any peace deal would ensure that he was just Putin’s puppet. It will guarantee war – not peace.

Reliable sources further claimed that the phone conversation between Trump and Zelensky was a transcript of the impeachment. No. Complete conversation. Trump assumed that Zelensky was serious about peace and supported that decision. But it could be seen as a puppet of Trump to Trump. This scenario was vital to the peace process and was eventually shattered for the war that has now clouded the horizon.

The Satanic Trump has started to be Resistance World peace and depriving Trump of any power to reach a peace agreement with Russia. Putin did No. He wanted to re-establish the old Soviet Union, but instead, he saw the rise of China economically and sought to bring Russia into the world as an economic player. He wanted to be remembered as the leader who brought Russia to its economic significance.

To move the world on a new political agenda, Trump and Putin had to change their image, leaving behind two leaders who wanted to make their respective nations great again. So far, they have met their goals through strategic maneuvering and manipulation.

ওয়া USA Watchdog Armstrong April 12, 2022

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