Tools for climate change control

Question: Dear Martin,
After reading many of your blog posts, there seems to be a question that you may not have answered. Do those who are trying to control the world really believe that the cycle of climate change is not natural, but man-made? It would seem that any climate theory that does not explain the arrival and departure of the Ice Age, as our history books say, is an incomplete theory.


The answer: I think 10% of anyone in the brain can’t believe that this climate change is caused by CO2. Climate has always changed and they argue using data starting only in 1850 that it is all fossil fuels. Burning wood also produces CO2 and you feel diesel and wood pollution. I lived in London in the 1980’s and the buses were all diesel. I had to hold my breath while walking sideways.

The first clean air law was passed in 535 AD by Emperor Justinian I who proclaimed the importance of clean air as a birthright. “According to the laws of nature, these things are common to mankind – the air, the flowing water, the sea.”


People are easily manipulated and those whose brains are fully functioning are terrified by the stupidity of people who were told to hate Trump who now refuse to admit that Biden is a disaster because they will still be forced to admit their own flexibility to those who wear masks. Even driving alone and rushing to get every vaccine and booster possible. Now they are all against freedom, democracy and Russia so kill them all because they have been told this again.

I don’t think world leaders are so stupid. They are using this climate change for their own agenda. Even Obama and Bull Gates both bought houses on the beach and now Obama has bought a private island in the Caribbean. Hmmm. So much for their belief in sea level and civilization.

All of this is about control – we, the great unwashed. There is no way the earth will end in 7 years because of CO2. Creating fear and obedience is absolutely nonsense. Climate has always changed – it has Never The same. Civilization is spreading It breaks down during hot periods and during cold periods. April has been the coldest in France Since 1947. Still Macron swore “To get France out of oil, gas and coal” when Paris needs freezing and heat. I woke up at 50 degrees here in Florida this morning. Apparently, we have a lot of climate change entrepreneurs in Florida who are holding Séances for global cooling to save the planet.

Maybe Gates is right – we need to get rid of all the stupidity before we can get our human rights back.

The Czech Republic will confiscate the assets of all Russian people

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