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Walgreens announced it had begun Ration baby formula In the supply chain crisis. The rule will apply to all 9,021 locations. Customers can purchase only three infant and toddler formulas per visit due to “increased demand and different supplier problems”.

The retail sales tracking company, Datasembly, reported that 29% of children and toddler formula products were out of stock in more than 11,000 stores during the week of March 13th. By comparison, as of November 2021, only 11% of those essential products were non-bailable. CBS MoneyWatch reports that there have been more significant deficits in some states, such as Minnesota, where 54% of infant formula products were unavailable. In Iowa, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas the rate is an alarming 40%.

Racent Withdrawal of Abbott’s Sturgis formula The situation has worsened but is not beginning to contribute to the deficit. If Walgreens encounters this problem, other major chains will follow suit soon. Although it is not illegal to sell actual breast milk, the practice is not very regulated and often unsafe. Still, People’s milk bank The popularity is growing. If mothers cannot feed their children, there will be rebellion. At this stage, it is unreasonable for anyone to deny the supply chain crisis.

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