Washington Blob Destroys Death and Destruction Abroad, Avoids …

The United States sees itself as a world leader. Yet America is almost in crisis. The results have not been nice.

The president and vice president are clearly not doing their job, the first is lack of mental acuity, the second is policy gravity. In the front row for the presidency is the 81-year-old speaker of the House, who was emotionally tied to the past when a divided Loni left faction compromised. The 71-year-old relative of the majority leader of the Senate, who represents a distorted combination of corporateism and progressivism. He could be replaced by an 80-year-old minority leader after the November election.

The popular political divide is even worse. The majority of Republicans are skeptical of the legitimacy of the 2020 election, and a significant number appear to be open to the use of violence. A new nationalist conservatism sees independence as one of the many enemies to limit government.

The Democratic Party is a fan of a bizarre, almost neo-fascist leftist philosophy, determined to forcibly reorganize society and make dissent a punishable offense. Staff have targeted schools, with the emphasis on determining who uses which bathrooms, in hopes of turning them into learning arenas instead of teaching. Even ordinary founders are more concerned with gaining and retaining power than facing the country’s serious challenges.

Yet the soil of the American colossus is in decline. The United States is largely bankrupt, courtesy of irresponsibility on both sides. With the end of World War II, the national debt (held by the public) to GDP ratio stood at a record 106 percent; Missing spending restraint, it would be 200 percent mid-century. Yet Democrats and Republicans alike see the federal budget as a never-ending soup-line for noisy clients and well-connected interests.

On top of wild revenue and monetary policy, inflation has reached a 40-year high. And in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Washington has given the dollar more weapons. While doing so would certainly hurt Moscow’s finances and the living standards of the Russian people, it would also accelerate the world’s move away from the dollar and the US financial network. Even Europeans are tired of Washington’s legislators who believe they have been anointed from the top to set policy for the entire planet.

America’s bizarre cheeks to diminish “leaders” are a growing occasion, even to the point of nervous laughter by allied governments. Because the United States is capable of intervening in all other countries, not just one nation. Its leaders are determined to do just that, often with catastrophic consequences. In fact, if the Washington Blob একটি a defining feature of American foreign policy-is that the United States Law, Displaying “global leadership”. Just as God cares about a single sparrow falling to earth, so does Washington. Uncle Sam must be so Do somethingNo matter how foolish and perverse, About everything.

Ironically, it doesn’t matter to Washington’s elite. Or the consequences of acting are not important. Indeed, contrary to the general mantra that “failure is not an alternative,” blob is a constant reality for failure, but it does not matter. After all, as a superpower, America rarely pays the price for its failure. Other nations may be destroyed and people may be killed, but Americans rarely notice.

Equally important, no US policymaker is ever held accountable. No matter how many deaths and how much destruction he or she caused, promotions and rewards are almost certain. If the defeat of Iraq proves anything, the greater the policy failure, the greater the personal success. Many of those responsible for this tragic fall continue to offer new intervention and their bloody advice for war. For Americans, destroying a nation, destabilizing a region, and hunting down millions of people means you never have to say sorry.

The Washington Blob is also almost uniquely high in holiness. The insanity and hypocrisy of American policymakers is not surprising or annoying. After all, this is the case with every nation. All diplomats shamelessly push the best deal for their country while resisting foreign demands for benefits. However, US policymakers are seen to believe almost exclusively in their own speeches and press releases.

Washington, for example, cries out for civilian deaths in Ukraine. To be sure, they are real and awesome. However, those who are crying out loud have probably supported the war to kill so many civilians without shedding a single tear.

The United States, the most militarily aggressive country since the end of the Cold War, has shown little concern for repeated genocide and violence. Iraq was the biggest catastrophe since the US invasion sparked a communal conflict that killed millions and displaced millions. In Libya, Washington has escalated into an old-fashioned low-tech civil war that has killed thousands or tens of thousands of people.

The United States has lost partly in Afghanistan because it considers rural areas as battlefields rather than homes for millions of people; Every unnecessary civilian death has increased support for the Taliban. Today, Washington continues to provide arms, ammunition and support to the oppressive monarch, both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in the war against neighboring Yemen, which has killed millions of civilians. The same policymakers of President Joe Biden who have been able to commit war crimes in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are now condemning Vladimir Putin as a war criminal.

Out of shame, Blob members are declaring against the spheres of influence. That idea is therefore 19M Century, they insist! How could Russia imagine that it could thwart the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to express themselves democratically? Even more so by Invader Another race. Why, it didn’t happen after or after World War II. And interfering in American elections! Is there anything worse than that? Americans regularly express their shock and regret at these actions.

Except when the area of ​​influence is the western hemisphere. Just a few years ago, the Trump administration reaffirmed the Monroe doctrine and complained about Chinese and Russian activity in Venezuela. And remember 2003? At the time, the United States was invading Iraq illegally, based on fraudulent claims that the Hussein government was developing nuclear weapons. As for electoral intervention, it was a US specialty during the Cold War. A study by Carnegie-Mellon has been recorded 81 examples Through 2000. There was one Russia The election of 1996, when Washington made every effort to secure the re-election of Boris Yeltsin.

American policymakers are not too high to take responsibility for their failures. After all, look back so, you know, yesterday. Which policymaker was blamed for Iraq’s defeat? Does anyone suffer professionally? Who did the producer leave out as the TV talking head? Which senior military officer was spared after retiring to tell Congress how close we were to victory in Afghanistan? Is there any Obama / Biden administration official who supported the Saudi / Emirati war of attrition against Yemen, more than seven years later, ashamed of continuing that conflict because of the killing of more civilians?

Then there is Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is responsible for attacks on his country’s neighbors. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat NATO. Yet allies have shamelessly lied to Kiev, or at least deliberately misled him.

No NATO member wanted to join the Ukraine (or Georgia) alliance. No one wanted to save them. No one believed they could be protected, at least at a reasonable cost and risk. But all of them consistently led the Ukrainian authorities, which gave them hope in the alliance. Which probably encouraged them to resist settlements with their powerful neighbors and to expect military support from the United States. (Indeed, it appears that Washington’s relentless gesture of goodwill led the Georgia Saakashvili government to hope for American rescue after Russia’s 2008 attack.)

In short, it is hard to believe that Russia and Ukraine would be at war today if the United States did not simultaneously ignore Russia’s security interests and inflate Ukraine’s expectations. However, which BLOB member has apologized for helping to cause another war? The members of the organization never accept their responsibility for anything.

So far, most of the damage caused by US foreign policy has fallen on other countries. The deaths of Ukrainians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans and many more are at least partly due to the serious, arrogant mistakes of Washington’s policymakers.

However, one day thousands or even millions of Americans could die. In fact, this is what makes the conflict in Ukraine so dangerous. Russia is a nuclear power, and the United States has not fought an equal war since World War II. America has never fought a full-scale war against nuclear power. Blob members usually ridicule such qualities as prudence. In this case, caution is essential for national survival.

The United States has shown great resilience and resilience and has overcome serious challenges. America can do it again. However, policy makers must be connected to the real world and be accountable for their record.

This is especially important for US foreign policy. After two decades of costly failures, Washington’s policymakers must put America first its people, its territory, its independence, its prosperity and its security. The value of humility must be re-learned in order to rebelly take on the role claimed by world leader Washington. The era of “what we say goes” is definitely over.

Doug Bando

Doug Bando

Doug Bando is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, specializing in foreign policy and civil liberties.

He has been a special assistant to President Ronald Reagan and editor of a political magazine Search.

He writes regularly for such leading publications Fate Magazines, National interestThe The Wall Street JournalAnd The Washington Times.

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