Why Zelensky is a neo-Nazi and a Jewish fraud

There are some people who assumed that Zelensky was Jewish and therefore could not possibly be a neo-Nazi. Many in Israel are deeply disturbed by her claim to be Jewish when she marries a non-Jew and Her children are baptized He now wants a ban in the Russian Orthodox Church. Before the war, Zelensky would not comment on being a Jew because he was certainly not a practicing Jew. He will not comment on being a Jew before the election.

Many compare Zelensky to George Soros, a non-practicing Jew who even helped the Nazis detain Jews, send them to death camps, and confiscate their property. He confessed that he did not believe in God. Soros was behind funding Zelensky, who played a TV comedian to become president, and they put money behind him to make that role a reality. Those who think that Zelensky may not be a neo-Nazi fail to see the facts and assume that the Nazis were only exterminating the Jews.

Since the war, Zelensky has been playing the Jewish card to get money from Israel and try to pretend he is not a neo-Nazi, which means “New“The version of Nazism that still believes in ethnic cleansing, but aims at the Russians, not the Jews. When one person is responsible for the total death, Hitler actually comes in third place after Stalin and Mao, but if we include revolutions, Karl Marx for more than 200 million. The goal of the World Economic Forum seems to be to reduce the population so that Bill Gates can sleep at night.

The Jewish community in Mariupol, Ukraine, in the mid-19th century. About 10,000 Jews lived in the city in 1941 and were almost wiped out by the Ukrainian Nazis. Many Ukrainian Jews who did not move to Israel have moved to Donbass where the Russians have never been part of the Holocaust. Zelensky’s civil war against Donbass has displaced at least 1.4 million Donbass residents and at least 75,000 have fled to Russia (2019-05-UNHCR-UKRAINE-Operational-Update-Final). Zelensky will say something for money. He addressed the Israeli government and pretended that Ukraine was fighting for his life Comparing it to the Holocaust. Many have found this to be truly disrespectful.

First, Zelensky’s statement that he could not be a neo-Nazi proves that he really only heard propaganda about Hitler and the Jews. Hitler was employed in eugenics and that was it No. Restricted to Jews. Although the Nazis had an irresistible description of their annihilation of the Jews, they were not the only target. The German Nazis also committed genocide European Roma (Gypsy). He dragged illegal World War I soldiers out of their beds and exterminated them because they had the burden of supporting the state.

The Ukrainian Nazis were on board with the German Nazis and were engaged in this ethnic cleansing but they targeted Jews, Poles and Russians. I strongly urge you to watch Oliver Stone’s documentary Ukraine on fire Which covers the Ukrainian Nazi movement. The United States has never prosecuted Ukrainian Nazis for killing countless Jews, Poles, and Russians because they killed Russians as well. So in the old story their enemy is my friend. Only the Germans were tried in Nuremberg for their actions against the Jews – not the Ukrainians.

The bottom line is that I believe Jelensky is one Cheating And rejected as a Jew but now uses for profit. Zelensky is playing the Jewish card for money and pretending that he is not a neo-Nazi, but today Ukrainian neo-Nazis are not about killing Jews – only Russians and if they are Jews they are no exception. There were 840,000 Jews in Ukraine in 1959, a decrease of about 70% from the total in 1941 (within the current borders of Ukraine). After 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1989, most Jews in Ukraine fled the country. To Israel But Zelensky left Judaism and stayed. Semitic graffiti and violence against Jews was a problem in Ukraine. No wonder he gave up being a Jew, married a non-Jew, and baptized his children. Now that he is a Jew he pretends he is not a neo-Nazi to hate the Russians?

Jesse Edberg In an article in the Times of Israel entitled “Zelensky is not a Jewish hero,” he wrote:

It seems that Jewish organizations cannot retreat quickly enough to praise the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who was Jewish, as the Jewish hero of our time. While there is certainly something admirable about leading a country through a stagnant attack by an economic third world country, I do not see Zelensky as the Jewish hero of this generation or any Jewish hero.

I do not see the heroism of the Jews in serving foreign powers and foreign interests. I do not see the heroism of the Jews in intermarriage. I do not see the heroism of the Jews in baptizing their children. I do not see the heroism of the Jews in openly voting against Israel in the anti-Semitic, targeted UN resolution. I do not see the heroism of the Jews in their alliance with the neo-Nazis. I do not see Jewish heroism in Holocaust triviality, perversion and denial.

Yes, Volodymyr Zelensky does not behave the way a Jewish hero would expect. He married a non-Jewish woman named Olena in 2003 and baptized their children in the Russian Orthodox Church. He openly celebrates such a holiday as “Kivan Russian-Ukrainian Christianization Day”, a holiday that marks the establishment of Christianity as the official territory of Kievan Russia in 987, and by all accounts, religiously marks a Christian, not a Jew. .

Since taking office in 2019, Zelensky has maintained a strong anti-Israel stance, especially on the UN floor. In 2020 alone, Ukraine voted in favor of a UNRWA-confirmed UN resolution, condemning Israel’s “occupation” of Judea and Samaria, the Israeli “occupation” of Jerusalem and the Israeli “occupation” of the “occupied Syrian Golan”. Jelensky’s Ukraine was kind enough to refrain from proposing to launch a formal UN investigation into the proposed Israeli “human rights violation”, proposing Israel as a racist, even a genocidal force.

The manner in which Zelensky entered the office was equally unworthy of his proposed status as Jewish hero. In Ukraine, a country that has historically been anti-Semitic, and today, all help was needed for Zelensky to be elected. He received this support primarily from Ukrainian neo-Nazis and their allies, such as political kingmaker Arstin Avakov, who was willing to compromise to present a united front against Russia. To this day, Zelensky continues to pay tribute to his alliance, donating Nazi Iron Crosses in interviews and speeches, and praising Ukrainian Nazi and Holocaust collaborator Stepan Bandera.

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