Zelensky – Crazy in Ukraine

The bias of the Western press is simply unimaginable. I have previously reported that our contacts in Serbia and Hungary reflect the overwhelming support of Putin and Russia. The press cannot honestly report anything and the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor “Authoritarian“Or a”NationalistBecause those who dare to go against their agenda are bad. According to the BBC, Urban said: “We have a victory that can be seen from the moon, but it is certain that it can be seen from Brussels.”

It is widely known Serbia was very pro-Russian. I have reported from our readers in Serbia that they are sick and tired of Western propaganda for what they have seen in Zalensky – the puppets of the West. But the Western press will not report the truth about Zelensky and his secret connections. The newspaper portrays Zelensky as a hero, clear and consistent to the truth, when in fact he has not only banned the Russian language in a country made up of 30% Russian and more than 50% Russian, but he has also attacked Russian religion. – He is also trying to outlaw Orthodox Christianity. These are actions that Putin acknowledges Donbass’s independence, but when VP Harris said at the Munich Security Conference on February 20 that Ukraine must join NATO, Putin attacked four days later. One has to ask – is it intentional or just stupid?

So while Zelensky pretends to be a soldier for the camera while not promoting World War III to everyone else, his actions show a deep hatred of the Russian people and even of those living in Donbass. They outlawed the Russian language and ignored recent attempts to outlaw Russian Orthodox religion. Urban immediately criticized Zelensky that the press would Never Criticize because what they preach is the neoconservative agenda and their determination for World War III.

Zelensky has put Ukraine’s religious freedom at risk, but the press will not report it. The West will not report religious allegations about Putin. The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) has become a political partner in the Ukraine attack. Patriarch Kirill has given full religious blessings to the ruler’s foreign policy agenda. Why?

What? No. It is being reported that Zelensky has been proposed Draft Act No. 7204 of Ukraine On March 22, 2022, “On the Prohibition of Moscow Patriarchy in the Territory of Ukraine”, published on the VR website, its author Oksana Savchuk, a deputy who entered the list of the All-Ukrainian Association “Soboda” party in Rada. District No. 83 (Ivano-Frankivsk). Zelensky is even trying to take over religion and ban religious groups in Ukraine, including the Moscow Patriarch – part of the Russian Orthodox Church and “including the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”.

It is like King Henry VIII who occupied the Catholic Church, stole all its resources and created the Church of England by abolishing the Pope. Zelensky, as head of the Ukrainian church, is doing the same to end the Moscow patriarchy. This is the man whom the West is cheering on and who never reports what Putin is saying about the attack on religion.

It would be like the Jews seizing control of the Temple Mount and banning Islam. Hillary and others only talk about the Ukrainians defending their homes. About 30% of Ukrainians are Russian and they do not like to be banned from their language, even trying to make their religion illegal.

Urban declared that Zelensky was evil and that he stood by the EU and George Soros. He said: “This is a victory against the Left at home, the international left, the bureaucrats in Brussels, the money of the Soros empire, the international media and even the President of Ukraine.” Urban and Serbia, along with many in the Middle East, Asia and even India, are beginning to see this man as the single biggest threat to world peace in the wake of World War III. But the Western media will not report the full extent of its activities, which shows that it is not democracy, but oppression.

Urban has so far refused to allow arms supplies to Ukraine or even military aid through Hungarian territory. He angered NATO allies and Zelensky, who called on the Hungarian prime minister.[Vladimir] Putin’s only European supporter. ” But it is Jelensky who could have easily let go of Donbass but would have preferred Ukraine to go through a living hell.

It is also interesting that Hillary Clinton is filling the air with hatred of Russia. Hillary has always been one of the neoconservatives who started hating Putin by making fake steel dossiers to claim that Putin interfered in the 2016 election. He has now been fined by the Federal Election Commission but the press ignores all that and this is how valuable fake investigation of the country is. He achieved his goal – 70% of Democrats believed that Russia was an evil empire.

All my sources clearly state that Zelensky is one Cheating. He claimed in the Italian parliament that the Russians were abducting children and torturing them without any evidence. He then claimed that when the Russians left a city there were corpses everywhere when in reality it was another false flag and Russia called for it. UN Security Council Meeting to see this nonsense. He then tells the Netherlands that they will be next so start World War III now!

The United States simply accepted what Zelensky said and filed a lawsuit against Russia War crimes. This is the kind of action that we will ensure Never Return to world peace when all that is thrown at Russia is pure hatred. We never did before the Biden administration Never Eyewitnesses say that any American president is deliberately refusing to behave in a civil manner, disregarding the head of Russia or China. Kennedy even sought peace through negotiations. We have no peacemakers today – only warlords.

Then Zelensky appeared Grammys To sell the idea of ​​war to the American people. Will they ever force Putin to listen to the side of his story? Of course not! I really wish those who cheered Zelensky would go to Ukraine and try to kill as many Russians as possible, as they are all filled with such hatred for brainwashing. He can settle it and only (1) abide by the 1991 Belgrade Agreement and the position of Ukraine. NeutralAnd (2) the Minsk Agreement and allows the Russian Federation to determine their own destiny when it overturns the law and claims that Only Ukrainian is the official language.

Polish troops have been warned near the Ukrainian border to refuse to negotiate in the simple belief that Zelensky has changed plans. Belarusian armed forces are preparing to enter the war and will attack Kiev Zelensky because they also pose a national security risk as Zelensky continues to try to drum up World War III and pressure NATO to enter. Belarus will take western Ukraine to the Polish border and Russia will take the east. We may see this launch in the coming weeks, and it means that Zelensky has put Ukraine at risk for refusing to negotiate in good faith, respecting the Belgrade and Minsk agreements.

Zelensky supported the Ukrainian Nazis who even boasted that they were Feed the bones of Russian-speaking children To their pet wolves. He could have easily solved all these crises by releasing those whom he hated very much. He knows that he is constantly trying to get NATO into Ukraine which will be the third world war that he said. Already turned on. When the dust settles, he will go down in history as one with Adolf Hitler. He wants all our children to die for his personal hatred.

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