Zero Covid Horror Show in Shanghai

Shanghai, the financial capital of China, with a population of 25 million, is currently experiencing a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases for the third week in a row.

In response, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) imposed strict COVID-19 restrictions in Shanghai, sending an army of healthcare workers to enforce them. Citizens cannot leave their homes. They may receive medical treatment only if they present a negative COVID test. Healthcare workers are forcing quid-positive people into quarantine camps and Stripping Children from their parents. Government officials are executing pets on the streets while pet owners test positive for COVID. People are The food is running out, Screams from their windowsAnd Jumping from the building In protest

These measures follow the CCP’s “Zero Covid” epidemic policy. These policies ignore all costs, using extensive government intervention to “control” the coronavirus. Over the past two years, the strategy has gained fans across the Western world, including Australia and New Zealand, each implementing a similar zero COVID policy.

Zero Covid is a failed strategy. Data does not support this. Lockdown, mass quarantine, strict border closures and other policies do not stop Kovid. The incidence of covid is increasing in New Zealand and China. The social and economic killings are far more serious than the potential benefits of the Zero-Covid policy.

Terrible hubris

Unfortunately, CCP refuses to acknowledge that Zero Kovid is ineffective, and that hungry, stuck, excited people are using social media to share their stories.

People across the city are screaming from their windows in protest.

On the highly censored social media platform Weibo, the following comment went viral: “We are killed by the Kovid control system, not by Kovid.” A tweet from a lawyer stranded at his home also went viral:

Further, NPR reported that citizens have created temporary indoor grass mats to defecate their dogs.

I’ve talked to friends who made these – they call their home a DIY nature toilet. So they, like, bought one patch of grass. They collected some old leaves as a place for their dogs … to do their business.

CCP’s response uses militarism and media gaslighting. CCP-controlled media claims that citizens should “be confident, believe in principles, not panic or be overly concerned, and not create and believe rumors.”

Drones fly across Shanghai, telling citizens, “Please abide by the Kovid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open windows or sing.”

What are the zero-COVID systems in Shanghai that should be recognized for: Human rights violations. The end of the policy (zero covid) is not possible, so they cannot justify the way (a city of 25 million locked down). Like its abuse of Uighurs in China, the CCP’s national socialist policy is causing significant harm to the Chinese people. Like all national socialist principles, they are the cause of human suffering rather than human progress.

Hit state power

Another example of the destructive risk posed by China’s zero-cove system is when omnipotent regimes implement centrally planned policies through brutal force. Under classical liberal ideals, governments are formed to protect individual rights. Nothing could be further from the truth in Shanghai. A city of more than 25 million people is becoming inhumane because of the large number of uncomplicated COVID-19 cases.

We have been dangerously close to implementing the zero covidy adherence policy in the United States, especially in our big cities. Fans of this method are still with us in the Western world, even if they seem to have retreated.

The Shanghai experience permanently denies their views on the COVID-19 policy. The rest of the world should take note and make sure that “zero covid” ideas have been kept around in the past.

David Waugh

David Waugh joined AIER in 2020 and currently serves as managing editor. He has previously worked as a partner in S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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